How to Stop Time

  1. Tell people you’re really busy, then close the door and putter contentedly.
  2. Play with a dog.
  3. Don’t look at clocks.
  4. Lean back on pillows in a boat on a calm lake.
  5. Turn off all buzzing, beeping, ringing things.
  6. Float down a slow river in an inner tube with pals, passing the snacks back and forth.
  7. Read a completely engrossing book.
  8. Watch a summer parade in a small town.
  9. Ask a family elder to tell you about their earliest memories.
  10. Use a hand-cranked ice cream-maker. Take turns turning.
  11. Stare into a campfire.
  12. Rake leaves the old-fashioned way, letting the sound lull you.
  13. Memorize your favourite poem.
  14. Sit in a rocking chair while holding a sleeping baby.
  15. Re-read that bundle of treasured old letters.
  16. Don’t set the alarm.
  17. Watch your favourite movie from childhood.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Have an outdoor dinner with lanterns in the trees and candles on the table.
  20. Don’t wear a watch.
  21. Sort rocks at the edge of the sea.
  22. Give yourself a private concert of your favourite music and don’t do anything but listen.
  23. Lean back into a sun-warmed stone wall and close your eyes.
  24. Turn the calendars toward the wall.
  25. Daydream while lying in a field of fresh flowers.
  26. Drum with friends outside on the night of the full moon.
  27. Drool through a relaxing massage.
  28. Aim to accomplish only one thing per day.
  29. Create a tiny village with a child, at the edge of a forest or stream, using found objects
  30. Loll in a hot bath with the light out.
  31. Take a road trip across the prairie.
  32. Just play.
  33. Lie in a hammock and watch the stars move on a clear night.
  34. Use sundials to tell time, but only live where it’s always cloudy.
  35. Dance.
Bitte mitnehmen (by avelottes)

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